What if melanin is the magic that made the world?

What if, contrary to popular belief, black (melanistic, saturated, color) is The Light, The Way, The Truth?

What if that “one drop” is sanctifier, not stain?

What if that truth were known by all humankind, particularly, the artifically labeled, minority/maligned/marginalized “blacks” of this world?

Imagine what could happen?

A tearing off of the veil of inferiority, victimhood, self-hatred, woven and gifted in the name of God – that ever loving, bearded white smiting dude – and fastened tight by the lie of white supremacy?

A diminishment of the potency and power of racism?

A reclamation of the right to Be.

A reclamation of the divine power that overflows within.

A riotous proclamation of “I AM,” sung in rhythm with the clicks of shoulder bones straightening up, of back bones unfurling upright in regal revelry? 

A freeing of minds shackled into dormancy by the his-stories woven insidiously through prayer and education into cerebrums?

A toppling of the thrones of the self-anointed majority, which teeter on the ground built upon the bodies and backs of the melanistic ones?

What if melanin is the magic that made the world?

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