We Are One.

When are we ever going to understand that human beings are human beings and that, like flowers they come in every hue? When are we going to do away with the manmade social construct of race? There is no such thing as race. It was invented for reasons of power, control and hierarchy.

Why is it when we can proclaim America a free, progressive, tolerant country, there are some of us, hundreds of thousands, millions, of us human beings who believe that those of the darker hues are inferior, unsafe, stupid, incompetent, incapable, threatening? These same people, of course, belief that they, in their lightness, are the polar opposite, superior, safe, intelligent, competent, capable.

How do we educate all people? And I am talking educate, from its root, educare, which means “to draw forth from within,” because we all “know” deep in our souls, if we will only allow ourselves to listen, to unplug from the madness, from the teaching and the preaching, that it is all lies. It is this running from ourselves, the truth, that renders us deaf, dumb and blind, and believing that the other, the dark, is less than, unworthy and dangerous; will get us if we don’t get it first.

We all are connected, related, we all sprung from the one root, the one soil, the dark, divine, fertile, womb of Mother Africa, which means, you and me, we are one.

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