Human salvation …

This Martin Luther King quote was in an email I received today. It resonated so much that I simply had share.

Does it speak to you?

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4 Responses to “Human salvation …”

  1. Sharon Joy Says:

    It is a warming, affirming reminder to those who are willing to continue the struggle for equal rights, equal treatment, equal time, and an equal chance to build, create, move and commit to moving the cause of justice forward.

    To be a willing participant in the quest for social justice and human rights seems to require a different, more expansive, not narrower lens, and being ‘creatively maladjusted’ seems the best prescription for ‘what ails us.’

  2. Danny Bel Says:

    I do not know one has to be “creatively maladjusted” per se. However the vision of cooperation leading to a more peaceful world does take a certain strength, perserverance and fortitude to carry it out. Plus, it also takes the ability to engender said vision to others. -Indeed this trait in those who can do so, does take an odd type of person.

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