Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome. My name is Sharon Martini.

I am a woman. I am a mummy. I am an actress, singer, musician, author, illustrator, accidental activistartist, writer, publisher. I am an intuitive healer. Ultimately, and most importantly, I am a child of the universe, rich in love, laughter and life, who dares to unabashedly unwrap the universe’s gifts in my own truth.

I believe that we are all, no matter our color, or culture, inherently the same – human!

10 Responses to “Hello and welcome”

  1. Joan Yee Says:

    Sharon, your blog is facanating, and speak to everyone about what love is not. I have just discover your web site and have just started my own journey alongside you. you are an inspiration

    • mummychatter Says:

      Thank you Joan. Much love to you on your journey.

      • Joan Yee Says:

        Having found your website, and look at all it content, especially the blog. So much of what you resonate on so many level. I can totally identify with why you choose to live in Jamaica. It is an amazing strength of conviction to make the change.

        A few months ago I was talking to my neice about family dynamics, and what we choose to ‘talk’ about. She like myself is on a path of discovery, however, some of the things which she want to know, was not, for me to disclose, even if I know. We all just have aspects of our family ‘stories’. I directed her to your web site. I so believe in serendipity

        I discovered Audre Lorde’s poem so many years ago, and it has been an inspiration, and have attempted to ‘speak my truth and not be silence’ silencedmy truth

      • mummychatter Says:

        Dear Joan,

        Our truth, (our integrity,) at the end, beginning, and throughout the day, is really all we have – it is our most precious resource. We must guard it with our life, our love, and our liberty, for it is the key to all of those.

        And I agree, there are no accidents…

  2. Joan Yee Says:

    Hope you will be participating in Calabash 2011, it is my yearly pilgrim for re-conneting to my roots, in Beacon/Treasure Beach.

  3. Jessica Lobo Kanewske Says:


    After chatting with you today I decided to track down your blog.
    Our short, yet meaningful conversations are always a breath of fresh air in my sometimes mundane day to day. When you walk through that shop door I know I am in for a good laugh, a sometimes unbelievable story, and always a relevant, and unique perspective on whatever our topic seems to be for that day. Often times I ponder phrases and statements you make, and have a smile the rest of the day.

    I looks forward to reading what you have to say, once again.
    -Jess (candy store girl)

    • mummychatter Says:

      Dear Jessica,

      Thank you for looking up my blog and especially for taking the time to write me such a lovely note. It is always a pleasure for me (even when there are no wine gums) chatting with you too, you are always so receptive and, you laugh at my jokes! But seriously, I always leave on a high and thinking deeper too. It’s a wonderful currency exchange in the truest sense.

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