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Tax Day

August 16, 2008

August 15, this used to be the due date for taxes for those who filed extensions back in April. The IRS now grants automatic six month extensions. 

I signed my Divorce Petition today. 

It was interesting sitting there alone (Did you know that alone is a derivative of two words, “all” and “one?”) in the law offices, reading through the dazzlingly bright white papers that were the sum of the last almost sixteen years of my life. As I signed my name (my given and the one I willingly took – it’s a great stage name) there was a moment when I felt a bubble of laughter begin to rise within me. I let is rise and I found myself thinking back on he and I standing together in the Marriage License offices in downtown Portland excitedly signing the document that would give us permission to live together, grow together, breed together, be together. Well we did manage the breeding part quite nicely…

I can’t really say I felt sad, more resolute. It was something I needed to do, it was so long overdue.

I believe people come into our lives (and we into theirs) for a reason, to impart gifts, (bear in mind we don’t always like every gift we are given, but they are gifts nonetheless.)

Some people stay only for a moment, others forever. It is our duty, to ourselves alone, in this human life, to have the courage to receive every gift open heartedly, no strings attached, and to unwrap it in our own truth.

In the pain of my life’s journey so far, from there to here, I have come to meet me, myself, and I, face to face, heart to heart, naked, truthfully, warts, wobbles and all, and I know that while it is all about me, it has, at the same time, absolutely nothing to do with me.

The simplest gift and my most cherished, is knowing and understanding deep in my soul (even when I might act otherwise – remember it is a journey,) I am what I am, and It is what it is.